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Benefits of customized training? We help you…


Be STRATEGIC Link your training to your corporate values and strategy

Be PERTINENT – Use your own examples for exercises and role play scenarios

Be CONSISTENT – Deliver your custom training to your team across the world with consistent delivery and results

Be COST EFFECTIVE – 7 or more participants, our custom training is more cost effective than generic training programs

Be RESULTS DRIVEN – Get the results you need from your training dollars

Be FLEXIBLE Choose the specific topics you want to learn, not just what is available

We know that it is difficult for employees to link generic training back to their own job execution, so why take the risk? Customized training links corporate vision, values and strategy directly to management and leadership responsibilities and execution. With 7 or more participants, our customized training is actually more cost effective than sending your employees to generic training programs.

How does Lemmex Williams customize your training?

We add to our currently developed material with specific examples, scenarios and issues from your organization. These examples are the basis of exercises and role plays participants will use to practice the skills they are learning, and applying it to their own work environment.

Can I be involved?

We involve you in determining the exact objectives you are trying to achieve, the learning points that you want covered, and work with you to create the scenarios and exercises to ensure that we have captured your work culture and environment. Training is approved by you at several stages to ensure your success with your training program.

What will I get?

Your training program will include a reference manual that follows the training delivery, an participant workbook to capture notes and exercise results, quick reference guides (where applicable), and any optionally purchased publications and assessments you choose to use.

Where will you train?

We can train on your site, anywhere in the world. We can also help you locate training facilities that meet your budget and requirements should you not have an available training room.

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