Frequently Asked Questions


All travel and living expenses are passed through at cost with no mark up. We can also work with you to use your travel partners to provide the most cost effective travel and living.

A 1 day customized training program, based on the $5,900 cost, would equal $295 per person, plus materials. Subsequent deliveries of the same program would be $2,500 per day, which would equal $125 per person, plus materials.

The charge for materials depends on the length of the program, and the complexity of the materials. The cost usually ranges between $10 and $60 per person.

To develop a program, Lemmex Williams charges approximately $5,900 per day of training, plus materials. The per day cost includes the development of the program, delivery of the program, and modifications to the program for subsequent deliveries. Subsequent program deliveries of the same course cost $2,500 per day of training, plus materials. Cost and living expenses are billed separately, at cost.

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Course Information

Our course programs are built with course modules (which are usually single subjects). We have over 50 course modules we draw from to create customized programs. Assessments are evaluations participants can take, as part of one of our courses, to evaluate their skills in specific areas. For example, the Myers Briggs® Personality Type Indicator assesses one’s personality and provides a comprehensive breakdown of results. This assessment can be used to determine how best to interact and work with others. It can also provide a participant with ideas on how they might develop their skills further. Lemmex Williams has available several assessment tools it uses in conjunction with training.

Some courses work well with members of your staff from all levels involved, where others are better suited to keep different streams of management separated. We would be glad to work with you to ensure you get the best results from the training.

No – we do not do public seminars. We believe that it is best for participants to be able to discuss their jobs and work issues in a confidential atmosphere. Public seminars do not allow participants to focus on their personal situations as well as private corporate training does. Our programs also enable us to ensure that your participants can make the link back to their job responsibilities, and your corporate culture.

No, we provide group training only.

We do evaluations for all course programs. We will also summarize course evaluations, and provide to you feedback and course comments from the course program.

We provide our training and materials in English. We have extensive experience working with simultaneous translators in our programs.

We do have a library of videos that we use in our training programs. Some of our clients prefer that we create videos so they are even more specific to their participants’ experiences. Talk to us about what it would take to create your own videos for training.

We can work with you to alter programs to meet your time or cost requirements, but we want to be sure that you are meeting your overall training objective. We would be glad to talk to you to see if we are able to meet your time and cost requirements.

Our course outlines are guidelines for the programs. We will work with you to include all the pertinent points to ensure your course meets your objectives.

We recommend a minimum of 7 participants to not only provide the best training experience, but also be cost effective for you.

You can have up to 20 people in a class. We put a limit on the class size to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and learn. In larger classes, it can be harder for people to be heard, and some people are less likely to participate.

We can work with you to create a course and license it to you. We can also provide additional training resources such as instructor notes and train-the-trainer sessions to get your staff up to speed.

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As the client, you will be working with us to provide real-world examples that we can incorporate into exercises, role plays and discussions. We will also rely on you to help us build in your vision, values and culture, and reflect your corporate image with language and branding.

We can incorporate your desired philosophy into one of our training programs. We often take publications or books that management uses and weave them into the training programs.

We would be glad to work with your training programs to ensure any training we customize for you fits in with your current programs and builds on the skills and knowledge your participants have already received.

We customize our programs by taking pre-existing material and incorporating your examples and language, branding it to look like your company, and aligning the material to your corporate vision, values and culture. We create real-world exercises that reflect what your employees experience in their day-to-day roles.

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Participants will be provided with full-colour reference material that includes slides for the program, as well as exercise booklets to capture their notes. Some programs will have summarized Quick Reference handouts for the program. Optionally, organizations may choose to include books, assessments or other training material that we can provide at cost.

Lemmex Williams has been in business for almost 40 years and has built up a considerable library of training programs and resources we draw from. We also are always looking at current ideas and methodologies in management and leadership.

Lemmex Williams prefers to print materials to ensure we able to make updates as necessary, and guarantee materials are delivered to the training site.

The charge for materials depends on the length of the program, and the complexity of the materials. The cost usually ranges between $10 and $60 per person.

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Lemmex Williams Training Inc.

Both – all of our management and leadership facilitators are senior training professionals with management and leadership expertise.

Our project management trainers are experienced facilitators who are also PMPs (Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professionals).

Yes, our project management and our management & leadership skills program qualify for PMI’s certification hours.

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Time & Location

Yes, we can train in your offices, however, our experience is that participants will learn best when they are removed from their work environment so they can concentrate on the program.

Lemmex Williams will travel any where in the world to deliver training. We have trained in England, Scotland, India, Russia, South America, and extensively across Canada and the United States.

Yes, we are able to deliver training days, nights and weekends to fit into your schedule.

Yes, we are able to provide training to fit your schedule. Let us know how you would like it delivered so we can ensure it is developed to work within your schedule.

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Other FAQs

Yes, our programs are eligible for Canada Job Grant funding. We would be glad to work with you to create your application to get funding from this program to cover 75% of your training costs. Click here to get information on your specific province’s requirements and application.

We would be glad to provide your management team with an executive briefing of the program so that they can be familiar with its content, how it will be presented, and what the expected results are. We can also provide them with tips on how they can support the learning so that it is the most effective for your organization.

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