Situational Leadership

Effective Managers know that they need to alter their management style to match the requirements of their employees. To be most effective, managers need to know what type of management their employees need in each situation. Situational Leadership provides leaders with a simple, but effective, leadership model.

1/2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand your management style
  • Understand the Situational Leadership management model and how to apply it
Course Highlights
  • Assessing your management style and understanding your preferred styles of management
  • Exploring the Situational Leadership model and how it applies to the readiness level of your employees
  • How Feedback, Coaching and Delegation work in Situational Leadership
  • What happens when you use the wrong management style?
  • What to do when recommended management style does not work
  • Develop personal action plans for managing your workforce using Situational Leadership back at work
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