Sales Training

This program uses the Devine Inventory® to help ensure employees understand their role and continually improve and grow within those roles. The program generates an in-depth behavioral assessment report to determine which areas of an individual’s development should have greater focus to improve their performance. The program outlines the tool, the individuals results, and focuses on how to create a plan for future development.

 (Combine this program with other modules such as Negotiations, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Communication Skills, etc. to get the most benefit.)

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Assess the individual’s abilities against a set of sales-specific competencies
  • Understand what the competencies mean, and what constitutes success for each
  • Learn how to take this knowledge and create a development plan to improve
Course Highlights
  • Assessment of individuals’ strengths and areas of opportunity
  • In-depth review of the Devine Inventory® tool to understand one’s assessment results
  • Creation of a development plan to improve on one’s abilities as a result of the assessment
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Tags: sales training, sales competencies, devine group sales competencies, sales assessment

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