Safety Culture

Most organizations that deal with dangerous processes or equipment will promote Safety First, but issues still arise and accidents happen. How do you convince people to not just follow the rules, but to adopt a culture of safety? This program explores building and spreading a culture of safety to supplement your safety program.

1-2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understanding the importance of safety to an organization and its impact to the organization, its customers, personnel and the industry
  • Understanding the difference between safety processes and safety culture
  • Determine the benefits of safety at all levels of an operation, and how to build safety awareness
  • Understand your specific role in safety
Course Highlights
  • Ensure that each participant understands your safety process at a high level and how it fits into your organization’s unique culture and vision
  • What is culture and how to shape it
  • Understand the impact of safety culture throughout your organization
  • Understand the difference between Safety Processes and Safety Culture
  • Understand what specifically must be done to ensure safety in all areas
  • Review why people resist change
  • Develop a change management plan for implementing a culture of safety
  • Develop a list of activities and behaviours for creating and sustaining this new culture
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