Quality Culture

You have invested in developing a quality process, documented it, trained your employees and you still have quality issues. Is your process, or is it the culture of quality that has not taken root in your organization. This program focuses on building a culture of quality with support from your quality process.

1-2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understanding the importance of quality to an organization and its impact to the organization, its customers, personnel and the industry
  • Understand what are the elements that make up a Quality Management System
  • Determine the benefits of quality on all levels of an operation, and how to build quality awareness
  • Understand your specific role in Quality
  • Understand the role of senior management when it comes to driving change
  • Develop strategies for overcoming resistance and implementing strategic change to drive continuous improvement
Course Highlights
  • Ensure that each participant understands Quality at a high level and how it fits into your organization’s unique culture and vision
  • Understand the impact of culture throughout the lifecycle of production
  • Understand the difference between Quality, Quality Management, and a Quality Management System
  • Understand what specifically must be done to ensure quality in all areas
  • Review why people resist change
  • Develop a change management plan for implementing strategic change
  • Develop a list of activities and behaviours that constitute their role in Quality
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