Problem Solving

There will always be problems. Since that is a given, a great manager will need to be creative and effective at problem solving. This course will show you the barriers to problem solving that you can avoid, and approaches to creating effective solutions. This is a great course for a team to attend.

1/2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • What are the barriers to effective problem solving and decision making?
  • Learn a 7-step model to solve any problem
  • Learn to identify the difference between assumptions and facts in relation to problems
  • Learn brainstorming techniques you can use to create alternative solutions
Course Highlights
  • Explore the barriers and approaches to problem solving
  • Learn the 7-step model to approach, analyze and solve problems
  • Problem solving in a team environment
  • Identify the differences between assumptions and facts with respect to problem solving
  • Creating work plans to address problems
  • Create an action plan to improve your problem solving skills upon return to the workplace
  • Effective brainstorming techniques to use to resolve problems
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