Negotiations Tactics & Strategies

Negotiations take planning and practice to result in a situation where both parties are satisfied. Learn how the techniques to master negotiations applicable to your work environment, and other aspects of your life.

3 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Learn the Interpersonal Skills necessary to create a customer focus
  • Ensure clear customer communication
  • Plan and conduct a negotiation
  • Discuss strategies and tactics of negotiation
  • Learn how to communicate and deal with remote and offshore teams
  • Deal with angry or “tough” clients
  • Create an action plan to use in future negotiations
Course Highlights
  • Creating a Customer Focus
  • Communication Skills
  • Non-verbal Communication Skills
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Dealing with Non-technical Customers
  • Skills Required for Negotiation
  • Negotiation Types and Kinds
  • Process and Culture
  • Plan and conduct a Negotiation Case Study #1
  • Dealing with Angry Customers and Conflict
  • Dealing with the “Tough” Negotiators and Clients
  • Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation
  • Impasse and Deadlock
  • Remote Teams
  • Plan and conduct a Negotiation Case Study #2
  • Lessons learned for back at work
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Tags: advanced negotiation skills, negotiation tactics, negotiation strategies

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