Managing Teams (including Virtual & Matrix)

Many organizations rely on a decentralized workforce to achieve their day-to-day responsibilities. When these decentralized functions span large geographic areas, project teams may include team members who are seldom, even never, co-located with their team members. Managing the virtual team has some distinct challenges.

1/2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand The Interpersonal Communication Loop
  • Overcome obstacles to good communication and common listening faults
  • Learn 7 skills of Active Listening every manager should know
  • Understand nonverbal gestures
  • Learn how to draw reluctant team members out and get them talking
  • Understand cross-cultural communication and the impact to project teams
  • How to deal with communication breakdown on the team
Course Highlights
  • Understand the Interpersonal Communication Model and how communication breaks down
  • The Interpersonal Gap
  • The 7 Active Listening Skills
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Getting reluctant team members to speak out
  • Develop personal action plans for improving your communication skills back at work
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