Management Skills for Managers


As one moves from the management to executive level within an organization, the skills to master relationships whether one-on-one, within a team, or throughout the organization, particularly with the executive level, become paramount. This program will focus on this relationship building and other key management theories to make the middle manager successful. Participants will develop personal action plans to enable them to put their learnings into place back on the job.

5-10 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understanding the role and responsibility of a middle manager
  • Understanding the skills needed to establish, and maintain, relationships within the organization
  • Develop strategies to deal with stress
  • Learn project planning techniques
  • Learn how to deal with and overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to manage change within an organization
  • Learn presentation, briefing and influencing skills appropriate at the middle manager level
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities between middle and senior management
Course Highlights
  • Roles and responsibilities of the middle and senior manager
  • Managing stress in one’s self and others
  • Project planning steps, estimating and risk analysis
  • Skills needed to be effective establishing one-on-one relationships
  • Importance of feedback and listening
  • Overcoming obstacles and contingency planning
  • Managing one-on-one relationships
  • Managing relationships within teams
  • Managing relationships within the organization
  • Becoming an effective change agent
  • Presentation and influencing skills
  • Continuous learning
  • Developing a personal action plan
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