Leadership for Middle Managers

Leadership for Middle Managers takes management to the next level. This program deals with the strategic element of management and elevating the managers’ skills to that level. Included in this program are leadership techniques specifically for middle and director level managers.

2-5 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand the role of the middle manager
  • Learning how to create a strategic plan
  • Learn how to plan for and deliver executive presentations and briefings
  • Learn leadership techniques for middle managers
  • Learn management techniques for dealing with change and stress
  • Practice coaching and feedback
  • Understand effective delegation
  • Learn how to plan for and deliver performance appraisals
Course Highlights
  • Roles and responsibilities of a middle manager
  • Diverse workplaces and generational values
  • Functions of management
  • Planning strategic objectives
  • Linking strategy to unit goals
  • Planning and delivering effective presentations and briefings to executives
  • Understanding the difference between management and leadership
  • Leadership theories
  • Change management and stress management techniques
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Coaching skills
  • Meeting planning and chairing
  • Understanding delegation and learning to effectively delegate
  • Planning for performance appraisals
  • Conducting performance appraisals and creating performance improvement plans
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