Finance for Non-financial Managers

How connected are your managers to the financial workings of your organization? Do they understand how your organization makes money, and when it is made – where the money goes? And more importantly, do they know the impact they personally can have on the success, or challenges for your organization from a financial perspective?

This program is presented in a competitive, fast paced game format enabling teams to work together to learn concepts and develop strategies. Participants will be surprised at how quickly they can learn financial concepts that will enable them to have a good understanding of your organization’s finances.

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand basic financial terminology and read financial statements
  • Learn to calculate and interpret common financial ratios and understand the steps to take to improve them
  • Understand how your role in the organization impacts its finances
  • Develop specific strategies to improve the financial position of the organization
Course Highlights
  • Learn basic financial terminology and how it is used
  • Write balance sheets and income statements
  • Calculate financial ratios and interpret their meaning
  • Understand the steps necessary to improve your financial results based on your interpretation these of ratios
  • Discover how to improve sales in your organization, no matter what your position is
  • Understand the impact on customer service you can have in your role
  • Analyze complex situations from both a financial perspective and a management perspective and provide strategies to reduce risks and improve results
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Tags: finance for non-financial managers, understanding finance, finance basics

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