Executive Presentations & Briefings

Getting your message across is even more critical when you are presenting to the executive level in your organization. Make the most out of your time, and gain buy in from your audience.

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Learn to plan effective presentations
  • Understand your audience and how that effects the planning of your presentation
  • Practice your delivery skills and learn techniques to handle stress
  • Learn how to handle questions like a pro
  • Get an assessment of your presentation style
Course Highlights
  • Practice presentations to provide a baseline of your skills
  • Assessing your audience and their needs
  • What makes an effective presentation
  • Adding impact to your presentation
  • Understand the important elements of your presentation
  • Working with visual aids and handouts
  • Presentation timing and delivery
  • Dealing with nervousness and fear during presentations
  • Handling questions and comments
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