Conflict Management


There is no avoiding conflict in the workplace. Dealing effectively with conflict is a skill that can be mastered through and understanding of when it is negative, and practising the skills to deal with it. Turn conflict into creative problem solving.

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Learn to identify positive and negative conflict
  • Create strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Practice the skills necessary to uncover and deal with conflict
  • Learn how to reach a mutual understanding and to resolve conflict to the satisfaction of both parties
  • Develop personal action plans for conflict situations back at work
Course Highlights
  • When is conflict positive and when is it negative?
  • The signs and symptoms of negative conflict
  • Learn when and how to adopt different conflict resolution strategies
  • Learn a toolbox of skills for dealing with conflict
  • Work with a 3-part Conflict Resolution Model to resolve almost any conflict
  • Learn the skills necessary to facilitate the resolution of conflict on the team
  • Develop personal action plans for your conflict management back at work
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