Conducting Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are not only stressful for the person being assessed, but also the manager who needs to prepare, document and deliver the appraisal. Learn how to effectively evaluate your staff and apply consistent rating techniques across your organization. Complete your appraisal with an effective performance appraisal meeting, complete with coaching and development plans for the future.

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand the techniques to prepare for a performance evaluation
  • Understand the organization’s standards, rating scale, and development programs
  • Learn how to create performance appraisals and conduct performance meetings
  • Understand how to develop development plans
Course Highlights
  • Understand the inputs into your performance appraisal process
  • Prepare for the writing of the performance appraisal
  • Ensuring your scores are consistent across your team, department and organization
  • Meeting preparation for your performance appraisal sessions with staff
  • Creating development plans either correct performance or develop your staff
  • Create an action plan to improve your performance appraisal skills upon return to the workplace
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