Change – Managing it Effectively

Change is inevitable. Every organization experiences change – even more so with today’s economic climate and challenges. Equip your management team to deal effectively with change and create an environment that embraces the advantages change can bring.

1/2 – 1 Day Program
Program Objectives:
  • Learn how to recognize the indicators of resistance to change
  • Understand the link between stress and change
  • Learn how to maintain your best team members in times of change
Course Highlights
  • Identification of past and prospective changes within the workplace
  • Consequences of these changes
  • Review of the 30/30/30/10 Rule
  • The role of the manager during times of change
  • Why people resist change
  • Indicators of resistance to change and link between stress and change
  • Steps in Implementing Change to ensure buy-in
  • Keeping your best people in time of change
  • What to do when performance decreases
  • Developing personal action plans and implementation strategy
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Tags: supervisor course, managing change, change training

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