Building High Performance Teams

You may be building a team from scratch, or working with an existing team, but how do you build them into a highly functional team? Using the 6 characteristics of effective teams, build a solid foundation for your team and use it to keep your track highly functional.

1/2 – 2 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand the 6 characteristics of highly functional teams
  • Learn how to create an environment where team members are clear on communication, goals and roles, conflict, decision-making, and work distribution as it pertains to them and others on the team
  • Understand how your leadership style affects the workings of your team
Course Highlights
  • Create a communications plan for your team
  • Set and communicate goals and roles for team members
  • Teaching a team to deal with conflict
  • Create and communicate the decision-making process for your team
  • Understand work distribution issues and how to ensure team members feel that work is fair
  • Motivation and your team
  • Assess your leadership style and make a plan to ensure you provide the leadership your team requires to be successful
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Tags: building teams, team leadership, motivating teams, leading teams, team skills, team training

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