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  Project Management for the Real World

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You don’t need to be a certified project manager to effectively run projects. And using Microsoft Project is not managing projects. You might not have a project management office or even any project methodologies, but learning the basics of project management will set you up for success. Learn the key components to plan, execute, monitor and control your projects. This program is intended for all members of your project team to create a level of project management understanding and buy-in, and set you up for success. This program comes with a basic project planner for you to use during the course, and for you to use as a methodology on any subsequent projects you tackle.

3 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Get your project team on the same page with project management processes
  • Learn how to properly plan a project including time and cost forecasting
  • Create a plan based on your stakeholder’s expectations of success
  • Understand the steps to execute on your plan including decision-making and accepting deliverables
  • Use monitoring and controlling to keep your project on track and learn lessons for subsequent projects.
Course Highlights
  • What is Project Management?
  • Your role as a Project Manager
  • Getting Buy-In and Commitment from Teams
  • Identify and rank key stakeholders
  • Write a professional Project Charter
  • Nail down Project Scope early
  • Identify ALL tasks and deliverables
  • Conduct thorough Risk Analyses
  • Accurate Time & Cost Estimation
  • Create realistic schedules
  • Create Quality Management Plans
  • Write Project Communication Plans
  • Change Control and stopping Scope Creep
  • Creating effective Project Reports
  • Variance Reporting & Earned Value
  • Close the project and final signoff
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