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  Influencing skills

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Honing your influencing skills will give you a leg up on negotiations, meetings, conversations and managing people. To be a great influencer, you need to learn about power bases and your personal power, influencing styles, and networking. Use this program to enhance your abilities to negotiate, achieve results at meetings, and improve your management success.

1/2 Day Program

Program Objectives
  • Learn about power bases and their role in influencing others
  • Understand the effect of different influencing styles
  • Learn how networking skills impact your influence, and create, define and use your network
  • Learn communication techniques that impact your ability to influence

Course Highlights
  • Understand the Context of Influencing
  • Learn about Power Bases and Influence
  • Create your Personal Power Checklist
  • Understand Influencing Styles and their effect
  • Complete a Self-Assessment
  • Understand how networking skills impact your influence on others
  • Create your networking inventory
  • Define your network
  • Six principles of effective networking
  • Conducting persuasive communications
  • Understanding the sender’s and receiver’s roles
  • Preparing for buy-in
  • Create an action plan to improve your influencing style upon return to the workplace

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