Cost & Estimating Techniques

One of the most difficult, and crucial parts of project management is creating the plan. Cost & Estimating Techniques will teach effective methods to determine and test time and cost estimates. Utilize multiple methods to ensure that your estimates are as accurate as possible before finalizing your plan.

1 Day Program
Program Objectives
  • Understand the impact of poor estimating on a project’s success
  • Learn estimating techniques and method to test the estimates
  • Learn about contingency and management reserves, and when they are applicable
Course Highlights
  • Project lifecycles and initiating a project
  • Understanding common estimating mistakes and the result of poor estimates
  • Exploring traditional estimating processes
  • Creating the work breakdown structure
  • Risk and assumptions in estimating
  • Levels of estimates
  • Project time and cost estimating
  • Top down vs. bottom up estimating
  • Experienced estimates and Delphi
  • Statistical estimating techniques
  • Contingency and management reserves
  • Create an implementation strategy moving forward
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